Apple is going to organize its big event, WWDC for this year on 10th June 2013. As lot of anticipations going over air and online on this event, let us have a walk through on what we can expect in this year’s developer conference event.

Jony Ive’s iOS 7 @ WWDC


iOS 6 has made its debut in the last year Apple’s world wide developer conference. However the ensuing software initiation had not brought forth any significant contributing factor for promoting Apple’s products in a large scale. On further market analysis, it was observed that the age old bugs still existed in the succeeding software releases. Hence, Apple will look for an opportunity through its release of new OS release iOS 7. Due to the immense effort put forth by Apple’s hardware designer, Jony Ive, the forthcoming iOS flavor is receiving much publicity among the geeks world.

iOS 7 is expected to have new interface design, by retaining the functionality of Apple’s features and apps in the existing fashion. As per the article posted on 9to5Mac site, we can expect lots of gesture based accessing feature in the upcoming iOS 7 version.

OS X 10.9 @ WWDC

MacBook WWDC

WWDC event will also include the revealing of OS X 10.9 for Mac notebooks. This new OS for Mac is anticipated to come out with following features:

  • Updated file browser with tabs.
  • Introduction of iOS features such as Apple maps and Siri into Apple’s Mac books.
  • Power efficient multi tasking operations.
  • Hardware improvements.

It seems there will not be any unveiling of new iPads and iPhones this year in WWDC event, instead MacBook Air editions will undergo an update. As part of this update, new MacBook air models will come out with pixel dense retina display which for sure can uphold the company’s fan expectations.

iRadio and many more @ WWDC

In terms of accessories, improvement is expected on networking oriented accessories. Also, the new version of thunderbolt display of Apple is anticipated to make it debut in the WWDC event.

Special service such as Apple’s iRadio is alleged to come out as a treat to its fans

We hope this article has thrown some light on the much anticipated WWDC 2013 event. Follow our updates on this event, to know more in near future.