Quite recently the ostensible blueprints of HTC One Max phablet device got leaked through online web page of mobileaks. Usually leaks on mobile gadgets’ look will be in images format. However this time, we were only able to get the sketches of next anticipated HTC One Max phablet which is also code-named as T6.

Although the Taiwanese manufacturer has got much appreciation by many critics on its new HTC One smart phone, the company has been unable to penetrate into the market in terms of large market share as Samsung and Apple did it already. HTC has been under pressure for an extensive period now in terms of mobile sector. Hence, the Taiwanese mobile giant, HTC will look for an opportunity through this release of T6 (HTC One Max).

Based on the leaked blueprint of HTC One Max phablet, we can see that the device includes a large screen of 5.9 inch in size, 9.4 mm in thickness and 140.4 mm in length with minimal external frame area around the display (optimum bezel area). The device also seems to include 2 forward speaking speakers code-named as “Boom sound speakers”.

A leak from another source has revealed several technical specifications about this breakthrough anticipated phablet device. The report states that the device will feature a powerful Snapdragon processor of model CPU 800 with a clock speed of massive 2.3 GHz which is good enough for performing almost any tasks.

The device resolution will be of 1920×1080 pixel supported by a 3300 mAH battery capacity for a reasonable operating life. The phablet is expected to come out of the box with the latest android operating system version of either 4.3 (latest Jelly Bean version) or 5.0 (Key lime pie version) and an ultra pixel camera.

Currently HTC has not planned for any event to showcase their products in this year, so we cannot logically come to any conclusion on the release date of this HTC One Max phablet. However, based on the chit-chat happening in the mobile sector, we can expect the device to get revealed towards Q4 of this calendar year.