Despite the fact that people see technology improves so many different aspects of their lives, the one thing that many people forget about is communication. From the time that primitive man originally started to communicate with one another, there were advances in society. People solved problems, worked together, and were able to improve new information all thanks to the mechanisms that made increased and more efficient communication possible. However, for some reason, there are still some that don’t understand how much knowledge can be passed simply by using technology as an advantage.

Attract a Younger Crowd

If you happen to be giving a seminar, sharing academic or other information, or even trying to show others simple training material, the truth is that the younger generation comes on board quickly when technology is involved. The effectiveness of broadcasting things like Ted Talks is just one example of blending learning in the classroom or up on stage with how people can learn. If it is the wave of the future and it’s also educational in the process, then how could it be bad? Not only are you able to pull in people who just happen to stumble upon the session in the first place (for whatever the reason), but you are also getting a higher conversion rate along the way because it is far easier to go to a virtual meeting when it comes to learning than it is to make the younger crowd go be social.

More Interactive

Depending upon the type of environment that you are trying to create, you can build a fully interactive one when it comes to the online communication abilities. People are simply going to be that much more involved if you can add in another full set of sensory skills. It doesn’t have just to be a meeting of monotonous talking, because you can actually add in all of the elements of a presentation that will make it more entertaining and engaging overall. Technology and interaction not only allows you to bring in more members to your audience, but it also allows you to give a better quality presentation with more facts and information at the same time.

When you are giving any sort of presentation, talk, or even just a meeting or call, it’s not just about trying to reach a large quantity of people. What you want to do is to be sure you are giving the potential audience members as much quality as you can along the way. Know your audience and learn how to engage them. If they are better engaged and are actually involved in the process, you are far more likely to reach your goals. Whether it is selling to them, motivating them, teaching them, or even just trying to inform them, you want to give as much as you can as efficiently as you can. That’s exactly why presenters of all sorts are using powerful meeting software just like Blue Jeans to broadcast live audio along with any sort of presentation they have. You not only have all the abilities of a live conference call, but you are also adding in any of the other visual data you can imagine as well. Plus, you can’t forget that it is interactive. By not only working through concepts as you can’t imagine how much more likely people are to buy in and give you the time when it isn’t inconvenient to them.

No Location Boundaries

People may want to see you, but the fact is there are geographical barriers for everyone and anyone. This precludes some people from traveling or touring to multiple locations to give a talk. It also might mean that a certain area is instantly crossed off of the list even if the speaker is going on tour simply because the logistics aren’t right, or the anticipated crowd isn’t big enough. In short, you are already limiting your audience before you have even started simply because you can’t physically communicate with them from afar.

The thing that changes this whole system now is the ability to video conference. You are instantly able to speak with anyone, anywhere. Not only can they come online and have the same experience as if they were live, but you are also casting a much wider net in the process. People don’t like to travel. Whether someone is on one side of the country or the other, or even in a different country, altogether they will essentially be in the same room as you when it’s time to present your message with video conferencing.

Whatever your intended plan is, look at how you can improve your message by improving your communication abilities. In no time at all you can take the next step forward towards having a bigger, stronger, and more passionate audience. The best thing about it is you won’t even need to give up any quality in return.


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