Apple iPhone SE Colors

With the Apple iPhone SE finally revealed in all its glory, and the newest member of iPhone family is up for pre-order. And AT&T is busy chalking out the best possible purchase plans that are designed to have the least impact on buyer’s pockets.

As part of AT&T NextSM plan, the carrier has the triple benefit of zero down payments, zero activation fee along with the option to upgrade to a new device free of cost. Further, the upgrade option becomes available just after 12 payments.

In comparison, AT&T’s standard 2-year contract option will require buyers to pay $199.99 upfront. That is not all as there is also a $36 upgrade fee to be paid for the new phone while users will also have to wait for 24 months before they become eligible for the next upgrade. There are no payments to be paid every month with the 2-year contract option though while users will have to pay $27 every month as part of the AT&T Next plan.

Coming to AT&T’s plans for the latest iPhone SE, one has the option to go for Next 24, Next 18, and the Next 12 plans each of which attracts an activation fee of $15. Thereafter, users will have to pay a monthly instalment of $13.30 for 30 months as part of the Next 24 plan or $16.63 for 24 months as per the Next 18 plan. Similarly, the Next 12 plan requires a higher $19.95 to be paid for 20 months.

Further, users have an option to opt for a new phone after 12 months with Next 12 plan or after 18 months with the Next 24 plan. Users opting for the cheapest Next 30 plan will be able to upgrade only after the end of the 24-month tenure.

The above details apply to the base 16 GB iPhone SE. It packs in 4-inch Retina display with the A9 chip, 12-megapixel iSight rear camera and 2GB of RAM — the same as iPhone 6S — but it lacks 3D Touch support. Its sim free version starts at $399.

Meanwhile, the iPhone SE is now available in just a handful of countries in the first round, which includes Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Singapore, the UK, US Virgin Islands, and the US. Apple though has stated they are looking to make the SE available in more than a 100 countries by May.


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