LG G5 - Buy One, Get One Free - AT&T

AT&T has extended its ‘Buy One, Get One Free’ scheme to include the recently launched LG G5 as well. However, there are the usual twists built in that one has to be wary of.

To begin with, one has the option of buying the G5 on a monthly instalment of $23 over a 30 month period as per AT&T’s Next 24 plan or paying $688 at one go. Also, it’s here that the other G5 comes into the picture, which can be procured for free provided one is open to activating a new line.

Once that is done, the carrier is promising to pay the $695 amount in credit spread over 30 months, with the payment process to start off within the first three billing cycles itself. Buyers are still required to pay for activating both the devices as well as the sales tax.


AT&T further specified that both handsets have to be bought as per AT&T Next plan though it is binding for the first device to be a new connection and conforms to AT&T Next 24 plan. The first device can be an upgrade as well if not a new line.

The pre-order process is currently on while shipping slated to start by March 30.

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That is not all as the carrier has also thrown in the LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE smartwatch into the fray as well for those opting to buy the LG G5 on AT&T Next plan. The smartwatch can be theirs for just $99.99 while complying with a 2-year agreement.

As for the handset itself, the latest LG flagship breaks new ground so far as the design of a smartphone is concerned. Essentially following a modular approach, the G5 can take up the role of a digital camera or a high-end media output device simply by swapping suitable modules that are each designed to provide a specific makeover to the handset.

LG G5 is also designed to impress with its excellent performance credentials while the built-in twin lens camera too can be another crowd-puller. Overall, the G5 makes for a superb all-round performance which could be hard to match by many of its peers.


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