Windows 10 Mobile Update

Vodafone Australia has published its Software Update Weekly Wrap page as per which Windows 10 Mobile upgrade should start for several phones tied to its network on March 25. The select Lumia models are scheduled to receive the OTA update include Lumia 930, Lumia 735, Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL.

It has just been a week back when Microsoft announced the much-awaited Windows 10 Mobile update for Windows 8.1 phones. Also, it’s set to be the last carrier backed update being released with all future updates to be made available directly from Microsoft. Carriers though will be releasing firmware updates as and when they deem necessary.

Vodafone AU Windows 10 Mobile upgrade

Meanwhile, Microsoft also announced they would soon be launching a universal Skype app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. according to Microsoft, the new UWP app will provide for a common working experience irrespective on the device it is running on, which includes a PC, tablet or mobile.

Skype UWP app

Microsoft also added the new Skype app will reside along the existing Skype + Messaging app for Windows 10 though all of those will eventually be streamlined into the UWP in phases. Apart from providing for a single unified working experience, one of design parameters that Microsoft engineers wish to achieve is to simply the way Skype works. One way of achieving that is to do away with redundant menus while user feedback has also been demanding a single environment ‘to manage both their chat and voice conversations.’

Microsoft has shared a set of features that would be included in ‘ver. 1.0’:

  • Simplified look and feel, thanks to removal of duplicate menus
  • Global menus to be in a new single settings menu
  • Ability to sign in with Microsoft account and link a SkypeID
  • Make one-to-one calls and send messages
  • Send photos
  • See notifications for incoming calls and messages outside of the app
  • Participate in existing group chats

Also, here are the features that will be added in a future upgrade:

  • Start a chat anyone using Skype or not using Skype
  • Create a group and send group messages
  • Group voice and video calling
  • Share screens, files and video messages

However, things continue to be far from exciting for current owners of HTC One M8 which its maker has confirmed on Twitter that they have no plans for Windows 10 upgrade. The reason cited by the Taiwanese manufacturer is hardware incompatibility with Windows 10 Mobile even though the phone seems to have all that it takes to run the current mobile version of Windows 10.

Worth mentioning, Microsoft has been pretty much clear on this right from the start and has been claiming the flagship Windows phones won’t be joining the Windows 10 Mobile bandwagon. It is not clear though as to what exactly the One M8 lacks that makes it incompatible with Windows 10 for mobiles.


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