Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Microsoft is believed to have pushed back the Surface Pro 5 launch event to spring of 2017; a move that many claims is aimed at providing more space for the upcoming Surface Phone.

With the Surface Phone slated for a launch towards fall of this year, it sure does make sense for Microsoft to allow the Windows 10 phone have all the exposure it needs; more so when it is up against hardened rivals that the Surface Phone will have to ward off stiff competition from. Both Apple’s iPhone and Android phones have entrenched themselves deep in the consumer’s psyche while a Windows phone is looked upon with scepticism and suspicion, as something that offers an extremely limited user experience.

While still on the Surface Phone, rumor has it that it will be targeted essentially at the high-end business community. Towards that, it is expected to be the ultimate performance device while having a display size of up to 6-inches. Some even claim there could be two variants of Surface Phone for better market representation.

Surface Phone is likely to be Nexus phone of Windows 10 Mobile

While Microsoft is desperate to shed off that tag, there have been frantic efforts to spruce up Windows 10 Mobile as well. There already are reports of the software giant readying the first major Windows 10 update codenamed Redstone 1 by June 2016 while the release of the more advanced and comprehensive Redstone 2 has been rescheduled to spring of 2017 from the earlier end-2016.

The delayed launch of Redstone 2 is also another reason for Microsoft to hold back on the launch of Surface Pro 5. The hybrid device will also be accompanied by the 2nd edition of Surface Book. While the next generation hybrid devices are keenly awaited, it is always welcome if these Windows 10 devices come pre-loaded with a more stable build of Windows 10 right out of the box than a buggy version of the software.

Microsoft is also keen to see Intel has a more matured chipset offering that goes into the making of the Surface Pro 5 and Surface Book 2. Microsoft has had a hard time fixing the power management issues in the current iteration of both devices, the Surface Book and Pro 4; the duo comes with the Intel Skylake chip at its core.

Intel is also reported to be readying the Kabylake chip which is slated to go into the making of the Surface Book 2. The next gen Pro 5 and Book 2 is also expected to come with 4k displays while still improving the battery run times compared to its predecessors.

Microsoft though is yet to confirm any of the above details though that is hardly surprising.


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