One of the biggest web presences to its credit, Reddit has been conspicuously missing so far as a dedicated app is concerned. However, that has since been rectified thanks to the launch of two apps, one each for Android and iOS.

This also marks the end of the road for Alien Blue that had served to be the sole face of Reddit on both Apple App Store and Google Play. Interestingly, it was the desire to further enhance the Alien Blue that led to the birth of the duo. However, what evidently became clear is that developing a new app from ground up will be a simpler task than trying to improve on Alien Blue.

Further, a dedicated app for Android and iOS also means introducing new features can be done faster. The engineering team is already looking at launching an update a month. However, the wish to launch new apps also stems from the desire to serve its users better considering that nearly half of them use the site via their mobile devices.

The new app also comes with some exciting features such as ‘card view’ that aims to present multi-media content in a better manner. The new apps also allowed the network to launch platform specific features such as a ‘speed-read’ button for its iOS app.

“We learned a lot from our passionate Alien Blue community about what makes a great iOS app and we applied those learnings when building Reddit for iOS,” said Alex Le, Vice President of Consumer Product at Reddit. “Due to limited resources, we decided to focus our efforts on making Reddit for iOS our primary and official Reddit client.”

With the launch of the new apps, Reddit is now onto transitioning its users from Alien Blue to the respective apps. It has acquired Alien Blue in 2014.

However, Windows fans, even if they form a minority group, have reasons to be disappointed given that the popular social media site has given the platform a miss. That again isn’t an accidental miss but a planned one, more so given the confirmation from Alex Le who has stated they don’t have any plans to bring their app to Windows.

The above is notwithstanding of Microsoft’s recent attempts to have on board more developers to develop apps for Windows 10. Maybe, Reddit will have a rethink of its Windows plans in the future. Till then, Windows users can look forward to the plethora of third-party apps such as Readit, Hivemind etc. to use Reddit, as they have been doing all along.


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