Windows 10 PC and Mobile Cumlative Update

Microsoft has released yet another update for Windows 10 which applies to both PC and Mobile alike. However, the new update, having build number 10.0.10586.218, does not introduce any new features for either PC and Mobile. Instead, the latest update is all about reliability, performance, and stability of the Windows 10 platform as a whole.

Among the improvements to look forward include better Bluetooth connectivity with compatible devices. The .218 update also introduces support for visual voicemail on dual SIM mobiles.

Among the fixes that the update brings include a remedy for the audio playback issues that often got interrupted in Groove Music or similar apps when the phone’s display was turned off.

Then there are some enhancements for the Cortana as well so that she is now more efficient in reading aloud text messages while the Quiet Hours feature too benefits from usability improvements.

Windows 10 Build 10586.218

The update also touches upon the Edge browser so that it now supports background downloads. Similarly, the update also brings along ‘support for configuring a prompt before a file download occurs’ while there is a fix for the issue where a web page would often not load when the corresponding link is clicked from another app.

Microsoft is also promising better Store reliability post the update while the issue that prevented some apps from being updated and installed has also been remedied.

Further, the update also ensures a more reliable connection for mobiles to the PC via USB. Then some phones that often showed blank tiles too have been taken care of with the newest update. This applies more to phones that were upgraded from Windows Phone 8.1.

Overall, the update can be considered a minor one though it does introduce some significant changes.


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