AT&T Cricket Wireless Unlimited Plan

Cricket Wireless, the wholly owned AT&T subsidiary is upping the ante in the pre-paid smartphone plan wars with a new $65 a month unlimited plan that is aimed squarely at T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon.

The carrier further specified they are using the term ‘unlimited’ in the truest sense of it, which means there indeed is no limit to the voice, text and 4G LTE services to avail of via the new plan.

However, the said plan does have a catch (as the case usually is with unlimited plans from carriers) which in this case is that while there won’t be an active data throttling beyond a set limit, the data speed itself maxes out at 8Mbps on LTE and 4Mbps on 4G. While those speeds aren’t exactly bad though AT&T does have better speed offering with other plans that again cost more.

The carrier further stated they might also opt for ‘reasonable network management practices’ in future if the situation so demands. Cricket also stated they would be adopting measures to block anyone trying to use their device as a mobile hotspot and will also find ways to clamp down on those who try to adopt alternative measures or use abnormally large amounts of data.

The new plan actually costs $70 a month though the price drops down to $65 for those who opt for automated billing. The price otherwise is all inclusive of all taxes and fees applicable.

The new unlimited plan from Cricket Wireless is available beginning April 17, 2016, and everyday customer benefits include:

  • No annual contracts
  • Unlimited talk, text and data access – in and between the U.S., Mexico and Canada – for the Unlimited, Pro and Smart plans.
  • Monthly taxes and fees always included in plan price
  • Access to Cricket Rewards, the only customer loyalty program of its kind offered in the prepaid industry

Cricket also has something else to offer as well to anyone opting to get off the T-Mobile network – $100 in bill credit. Such direct marketing campaigns have been pursued aggressively off late by almost all carriers though interestingly, AT&T isn’t pitching its brand directly into the middle. Instead, it is leaving it on to its subsidiary Cricket Wireless.

That again is a cleverly thought out plan as it paints T-Mobile as something befitting a budget carrier such as Cricket Wireless and does not deserve to be in direct competition with AT&T itself. Of course that if from AT&T’s perspective and it will be interesting to see how the magenta carrier responds.


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