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Microsoft might have said the mobile division won’t be at the tip of the spear so far as priorities are concerned though that didn’t stop them from coming up with a new Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview version. The latest Build 14322 which is now available for testing to Insiders in the Fast ring also does look comprehensive with lots of improvements built into it.

Also, it is the usual set of devices that qualify to be part of the Windows Insider Program that will be getting the update. That includes a bunch of Lumia devices along with several handsets from other OEMs though curiously, Lumia 635 is not part of it. Microsoft has however stated they are working on it to ensure Lumia 635 joins the party later on.

Meanwhile, here is what the update brings along:

Action Center

The place is being better organized with the notifications pertaining to each app now grouped together under the icon for the app. This replaces the earlier scheme where the app icon would be accompanying every notification. Also, the icon would be repeated if there are multiple notifications for a single app, thereby making the entire thing look cumbersome.

The changed display format also frees up space to accommodate other information. For instance, images within notifications show bigger while the Action Center itself has been made more attuned to adopt the Live Tiles format of Windows 10. That’s not all for Cortana notifications too make it to the Action Center post the update.

Windows 10 Mobile Build-14322-Action-Center

There is more to the Action Center with the latest update as users now have the ability to prioritize those apps notifications from which matter the most to the user. Users can also set a limit to the number of notifications that wish to receive per app, with the default being 3. Users will also be able to add or remove or even re-arrange the Quick Actions in the Action Center as per their requirements.


The Microsoft virtual assistant too gets a fair share of improvements evident elsewhere. To begin with, Cortana is now receptive to Photo Reminders; that is images that the user wishes to be reminded about. A picture is worth a thousand words, as they say and Cortana is just beginning to live up to that.

Cortana can also be set reminders on content from UWP apps that make use of the share contract in Windows. Such apps include Edge or News and users, for instance, can set Cortana to remind to read a news article or such for a more convenient time later on.

Settings app: The settings app gets updated too, so that there is now an icon associated with each page in the app. Further, the icons will also be visible when the icons are pinned to Start.

The navigation bar gets a dedicated page of its own under Setting tab with its own settings too. Similarly, Glance settings have been relocated from Extras section to Personalization.

Interestingly, there is now a dedicated battery settings page as well that deals with all things related to the battery. The battery section will let users set the battery power limit (default 20 percent) beyond which Battery Saver kicks in.

Similarly, the Windows Update setting also gets an update so that users can set the time during which they’d like updates to be installed automatically. This will allow users to avoid those times during which the phone is in constant usage.

Microsoft Edge

the browser has now been endowed with copy/paste functionality which means users will be served a paste button above the keyboard when they are typing in say an edit box. Similarly, there will be a copy button appear automatically whenever the user selects any text.

Another nice feature being added to the Edge browser includes better tab management. For instance, whenever users click on a link within an app that launches the Edge, clicking on the back button will close the browser automatically while the user is redirected back to the app.


The update ensures all Continuum capable phones to have support for USB-based Ethernet adapters. However, there might be some error messages popping up which Microsoft said will be taken care of via future updates.

Lock screen

There are also a couple of enhancements here as well so that users can now place the camera button directly on the Lock screen itself. Similarly, the media controls too can be placed on the Lock Screen, which means users can control the music while the phone is still on standby.

Messaging Everywhere

This feature will allow users to exchange text messages between their Windows 10 PCs and Windows mobiles. However, this is still being worked on with more to come as it evolves.


Microsoft stated the new set of emojis they have been working on will now be available post the update. For this, the keyboard has slightly been realigned which the various emojis too have been grouped under convenient heads such as animals, people, objects, celebrations and so on.

Windows 10 Mobile Build-14322-Emoji

Overall, Build 14322 makes for one hell of an update and Windows Phone users will no doubt be eagerly awaiting the wider roll out of the same. And the sooner that happens, the batter.


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