Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard

Microsoft’s famous Word Flow Keyboard is now available for iPhones. Currently listed as a free app on the US App Store, World Flow is known for its ability to predict the next word that the user is most likely to type, which includes even names known to the user, thanks to the app’s access to the phone’s contact list.

That is not all as there’s a unique setup of the keys – dubbed as Arc mode – along concentric half-circles that radiate out from either the bottom left or right corner of the mobile depending on the user’s handedness. This allows for single-handed typing accomplished with only the thumbs. Users also have the option to choose from several background themes or customize the keyboard as per their individual tastes. Users can also opt for the more conventional portrait layout of the keys which again requires both hands for typing.

The Word Flow keyboard app is, however, only available in the US and that too, only in English. Interestingly, Word Flow will go toe-to-toe with other popular keyboard apps, which includes Swype and SwiftKey with the latter now being owned by the Redmond company itself. Even, it has several features common with SwiftKey, primary among which is the next word predictive tech.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has another keyboard app for iOS devices called ‘Hub’ that still differs from Word Flow in that the former is more about multitasking. Hub is also more suited for Office 365 users given its support for searching or sharing documents and files from Microsoft’s other services such as OneDrive.

Initially conceived for launch exclusive on Windows 10 Mobile, Microsoft perhaps found it wise to tap into other existing and established platforms such as Apple’s iOS given the dismal state of affairs of the Windows Phone division.

No word though if Microsoft Garage, the internal division within Microsoft where employees get to work on experimental stuff are putting together an Android version of Word Flow as well.


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