Microsoft Corporation is planning to distribute 2 upgrades to its Windows Phone 8 operating system based devices. These upgrades are termed as GDR (GDR2 and GDR3 in specific) upgrade code-named after “General Distribution Releases”.

In the earlier releases of Windows Phone OS, Microsoft was unable to complete its work on the notification center feature. It seems the company has recently spent its effort in testing this feature in next versions of Windows Phone OS. A user of Reddit, named “ChinaMan28” has recently hosted a number of screenshots based on the new Nokia Lumia 920 that seems to have built upon latest firmware version compiled on 9th of May 2013. The exact build version identified on that Lumia 920 device is 12084.WPMAIN(wpbldlab).20130509-1407.

windows phone 8 leak

This latest Windows Phone OS compiled on May enclosed quite a small number of new features including:

  • Changes to Notification center facilitating access to Live Tile notifications.
  • User can close the applications through options in App Switcher.
  • New sorting options enabling the user to sort the applications based on frequency of usage or based on alphabetical name of the app.
  • Update to calendar application permitting one to get a weekly view.

It seems the calendar app seen in the screenshots of the recent build is not based on default Windows Phone 8 calendar app but it is based on a third party app.

Availability of Data sense application to track the data usage through all sort of carriers was released as part of this new firmware build.

Some of these above listed features were considered to be in testing phase. However, it seems the Redmond based giant seems to have completed its work on these areas and released these features in its latest OS build. While Microsoft is not ready to state anything on the leaked out screenshots by Reddit user, “The Verge” has affirmed that the information conveyed through these screenshots are genuine. Also, report states that “ChinaMan28” user has assured to share a video on this software release in near future.

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