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Facebook launches Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram for Windows 10

Facebook Messenger Windows 10

Those who might have been lamenting the lack of the latest Facebook apps – read Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram – on Windows 10 have their prayers answered now that the respective native Windows 10 apps have made its debut on the Microsoft Store.

Being based on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) also enables the apps to adopt key Windows 10 features such as Live Tiles support as well as Action Center notifications. Plus, users also have the option to pin to the taskbar to allow for faster access. However, it’s only Facebook and Messenger app that are available for PCs at the moment while the Instagram app will only be relevant on Windows 10 Mobile. Facebook stated the PC apps will have a mobile version ready later in the year though a specific time frame isn’t available at the moment.

Facebook: the app provides for the core social networking experience and goes on to replace the version that was available for Windows 8. The improvements to the app are evident right away thanks to the clean design approach adopted with the new app.

Users can also look forward to the new reaction that so far was limited to the old ‘Like’ button while there is also the feature to add stickers to comments and so on. Also, apart from the core Windows 10 features such as support for live tiles and notifications, users can also look forward to sharing across apps for an even more immersive Facebook experience.

Facebook for Windows 10

Another cool feature to look forward to with the new Facebook app is its in-app browser which offers multiple tab support. With the browser, users just have to hit the back button to return to the feed, while the tabs continue to remain lined up along the bottom allowing for later reading.

Messenger: this marks the first time Messenger is making its debut on the Windows platform, and the good thing here is that it is coming with all the bells and whistles right away. That includes support for group conversations and GIFs or the ability to use stickers and so on. Also, of course, there are also the benefits of getting notifications in the Action Center as well as Live Tile support which will reflect the number of unread messages and so on.

Facebook Messenger

Instagram: this happens to be the only app among the troika of new Windows 10 Facebook apps to be only available for mobiles. The app has also been in beta mode for some time now though finally it seems ready to shed that tag and include support for many of its key features such as direct messages, and videos. There is also the Explore tab as well for exploring new things.

Overall, the launch of new apps can be considered a nice move on the part of Facebook that should also be heartening for both Microsoft and its loyalists. Also, with active support from a company as big and influential as Facebook, this should also act as a boost to Microsoft’s UWP app strategy where developers create a single app for use by any device running Windows 10.

You can download Facebook for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets here, Messenger for Windows 10 PCs and Tablets here and Instagram for Windows 10 Mobile here.


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