Microsoft Lumia 640

AdDuplex has come up with its Windows Phone statistics report for April 2016 which offers some fascinating insight into the usage pattern and device density of mobiles running Windows.

For instance, Lumia 520’s three-year run at being the most popular Windows Phone has come to an end with Lumia 535 now being at the top. Lumia 535 with a market share of 12.5 percent has edged past Lumia 520 whose market share has dropped to 11.3 percent.

Interestingly, the Lumia 640 has also emerged as the most used Windows handset in the US where it commands a sizeable 28.1 percent market share. In fact, Lumia 640 sales have recently picked up momentum and has edged past the previous favorite Nokia Lumia 635 that now trails with a 25.2 percent share. Windows phone buyers in the US, however, do not seem too fascinated with the bigger Lumia 640 XL where it is found languishing with just 2.4 percent share.

Similarly, the world’s favorite Lumia 520 also has a very low user base of just 2.8 percent in the US. The HTC One M8 too has been picked up by just 2.9 percent users belying its flagship status.

Coming back to the worldwide scenario, it’s Nokia Lumia 630 and Microsoft Lumia 640 that can be counted the third most favored handset worldwide with 8.3 percent share for each. That is not all as the 640 has actually shown a 1.0 percent growth in its market share recently.

Nokia Lumia 635 comes in at number four with 6.3 percent market share.

Coming to Microsoft’s mobile efforts, it is still Windows Phone 8.1 that runs the roost with a commanding 79.1 percent market share though Windows 10 Mobile with 9.2 percent share has been making steady inroads. Windows Phone 8.1 has seen a 2.0 percent decline while Windows 10 Mobile has seen a 1.5 percent increase in their respective shares.

Windows Phone 8.0 runs on 7.5 percent of phones while Windows Phone 7.x is still on 4.2 percent handsets.

AdDuplex stated they had collected data from 5,120 Windows Phone apps running at least AdDuplex SDK v.2 to prepare the report.



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