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Xbox One will only require internet connection once in 24 hours


Once there prevailed a rumor denoting that the buyers of Xbox One should be ready with internet connection and be connected via the internet for all 24 hours in a day. However, a recent comforting news has arrived that the Xbox One owners need not get connected to online for the entire day. Instead, it is enough for them to check in once in every 24 hours. The earlier constraint on live internet connectivity required for entire time spend over the console has made the consumers lodge several complaints.

With this recent news relieving the internet check-in constraint to a certain extent which came up just a week before the Electronic Entertainment Expo, most probably ought to free up the Redmond based Company to pay attention on developing games and other technical features. This E3 event is planned to happen by next week in Los Angeles, and the company now need not address its consumer concerns oriented towards this constraint.

The scenario of checking in once in a day is true if the game is played from the console at your premises whereas if your Xbox One gaming console is played from your friend’s or relatives place, then it requires a “draconian hourly check in” process to be followed. Although this mode of relaxation introduced in internet connectivity policy for playing the games in Xbox One by Microsoft has sorted out the issue to a certain extent; however, it has not eroded the dependency on internet connection in a complete manner.

In addition to paying for Xbox One gaming console, consumers need to pay for internet bills. However, Microsoft claims that this way, at most 10 users will be able to log in and play purchased games from anywhere.

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