The much liked Swipe Gesture of Internet Explorer is making a comeback in future Windows 10 Mobile builds, Microsoft has confirmed.

The friendly Swipe Gesture has inarguably been one of the most loved features of Modern Internet Explorer on Windows 8. However, its successor, the Edge which has come to be the default browser on Windows 10 has none of it. Now the good thing is Microsoft is working towards relaunching the feature again on the Edge browser.

For the uninitiated, the Swipe Gesture allowed users to reload the previous or next web pages conveniently. For instance, a simple swipe from the left is all that is needed to load the previous page while the opposite will load the next web page and so on.

While the feature may not be too big deal on desktops, having the same on mobiles can significantly enhance the browsing experience. That said, the feature is also expected to be made available on touch-enabled PC as well such as tablets, two-in-ones or desktops, and laptops with touchscreen displays.

There has also been a lot of clamors to reintroduce the Swipe Feature on Windows 10, something that had gone into oblivion along with the Modern IE browser itself. Also, it’s heartening to see Microsoft actually paying heed to consumer’s requests as it seeks to have more users switch over to its Windows 10 platform.

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While Windows 10 has been reasonably successful on PCs with well over 200 million devices now running the latest Windows iteration, the same on mobile has failed miserably so far. Fortunately, Microsoft isn’t shying away from owing up to it and has reaffirmed its commitment towards the beleaguered platform.

Microsoft is gearing up for a grand relaunch of sorts of Windows 10 Mobile, and all of those efforts seems heading towards culmination point around April 2017 which is when the Surface Phone too is scheduled for launch. Of course, there will be major updates for Windows 10 Mobile in between, including the mega Anniversary update or Redstone 1 due out this summer followed by Redstone 2 later in the year. There might be a Redstone 3 as well though that is yet to be confirmed.


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