Verizon is offering a ‘buy one get one free’ deal on the LG G5 handset. The carrier further confirmed the deal is open to both existing and new customers though the bad news here is that prospective buyers have time until May 11 to avail of this offer.

Coming to the details, those eager to pick up on the newest LG flagship will have to order the two G5 handsets via the Verizon website. The two phones are to be bought as per the monthly plan that requires users paying $26 every month for 24 months. Thereafter, buyers will have to head over to Verizon’s Digital Rebate Center site and enter the order details. Further, the promo code applicable here is: G5-APRILPROMO.

Post that, the price of the second handset will be returned to the buyer in the form of a Visa gift card, which should reach the buyers end in about 8 – 10 weeks’ time.

Verizon also stated those who might have already bought the G5 within the past two weeks are also eligible for the offer. All that they need to do is add a new line besides putting in the relevant information in the Verizon Rebate Center site.

As for reasons to opt for the G5, well there are many. While the G5 has all that is reminiscent of its flagship status, which includes top notch performance, excellent camera and a stunning display, what really sets it apart from the rest is its unique modular design approach.

What that essentially means is that the entire bottom end of the device can be plucked out to be replaced with a different unit which allows for different functionality. For instance, there is a separate module dedicated to photography which when added to the device provides the mobile with a digital camera makeover of sorts. Similarly, there is another one that enhances the sound output and is aimed at the music buffs.

Another inherent advantage with the G5 is that it comes with a user replaceable battery. Overall, there are plenty of reasons to go for the latest LG flagship with things getting even better thanks to the Verizon offer.


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