WhatsApp has come up with a nice update for its Windows Phone app which applies to those running on Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows 10 Mobile.

The update is also more of a cosmetic touch though it does make things a lot better than what it used to be. For instance, the individual buttons for calling, attachments and smileys have now been dispersed around to allow for better functionality. Those used to be accommodated in a single file around the bottom, thus often leading to confusion.

So the ‘call’ button can now be seen along the top left corner, while along the right, there is going to be an image of the person the user is conversing with, along with his/her name.

Moving downwards, the chat box too has been updated to make it more in line with the Windows 10 Mobile design theme and includes both the attachment and message send buttons now. Plus, there is the WhatsApp’s new integrated file picker which can be used to include files such as PDF documents, Excel sheets and so on.


A few text formatting options too have been made available, such as using an asterisk before and after a word will add the bold effect and so on. Similarly, using an underscore or tilde before and after the text will add the italics and strikethrough effect respectively. The same formatting options have also been added to WhatsApp’s Android app as well.

Overall, it’s some minor but worthwhile adjustments that WhatsApp has introduced to the UI even though the app still continues to be based on Windows Phone 8.1. It still isn’t a WUP app and does not include any of Windows 10 Mobile’s own unique qualities.

As for version, its 2.16.52 that happens to be the latest right now with the app already available to download from the Windows Store. Coming to WhatsApp for Android, the app too has been provided with an update that brings along several new features. For instance, long-pressing on a chat will invoke several menu options such as start, mute, archive or delete a chat message.

WhatsApp for Windows PC and Mac is only an extension of WhatsApp Web

Similarly, a ‘Quick Reply’ button has now been added to the WhatsApp chat notifications, which now enables users to respond to missed conversations right from the notification panel.

There is also a Quick Camera button that can be seen on every chat message. With that, users have the option to shoot an image during a chat conversation. Plus, there is also the camera roll that gets displayed along the capture button that users can make good use of.

The update is already available to download from the Google Play Store that bumps the version to 2.16.69.

Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also believed to have started beta testing the hotly anticipated video calling feature which will put it in the same league as Skype. However, the feature is being tested only on iOS devices at the moment. The update is also expected to be ready for the next update though that again is likely to be limited for only the iOS platform. No word though as to when it’s expected to be ready to debut on Android or Windows Phone.


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