In yet another instance of a security breach of massive proportions, MySpace, the once mighty social networking site is hacked with hundreds of millions of account details now up for sale.

It’s 360 million to be precise, which makes it one of the biggest hack attacks regarding the sheer number of usernames and passwords leaked. Out of 360 million records, around 111 million had usernames while the password count separately stands at around 427 million.

It’s been merely a week since 164 million LinkedIn users’ data was compromised. Interestingly, both the feat is reportedly pulled by the same hacker who goes by the name Peace. In addition, MySpace leaked data is up for sale at The Real Deal, a shady web market for 6 Bitcoins, which comes to around $2,800.

“Of the 360 million, 111,341,258 accounts had a username attached to it and 68,493,651 had a secondary password (some did not have a primary password),” wrote LeakedSource in a blog post.

Another 65 million emails from the social blogging site Tumblr too were leaked in the recent past.
Time Inc., the present owner of MySpace, however, claimed the stolen details are before June 11, 2013 when stronger security measures were introduced to the site.

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“We take the security and privacy of customer data and information extremely seriously—especially in an age when malicious hackers are increasingly sophisticated and breaches across all industries have become all too common,” said Time Inc.’s chief financial officer Jeff Bairstow. “Our information security and privacy teams are doing everything we can to support the Myspace team.”

Passwords have been reset for all affected users. However, with the usual user tendency to reuse the same password for most other sites, hackers might still be able to create a nuisance with the stolen login details. Affected users also stand the risk of phishing attack with the hackers sending out an email to trick users into revealing other relevant details.

MySpace had a glorious past when it used to be the largest social networking site online. It was music inclined where musicians created a following of their own. The site played host to 76 million users during its hey days but has since been overtaken by Facebook in 2008.


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