Samsung has come out with the new Gear Fit 2 which marks its second attempt at the burgeoning fitness tracking market. It has had only limited success with the Gear Fit launched back in 2014 though the Fit 2 is better equipped while being priced cheaper than its competitors.

For instance, at $180, Fit 2 can be considered reasonably priced as it comes with GPS feature. Similar GPS-enabled trackers such as the Microsoft Band 2 or FitBit Surge are priced around $250. As for the benefits of having GPS, it allows for better mapping of the running routes and distances traversed.

The Fit 2 comes with all the features typically associated with a fitness tracker. That includes a heart rate monitor, all day counting of steps along with the calories burned. The Fit 2 also comes with smart sensors that allows it to keep tab on the number of floors that the user has climbed or the quality of sleep. Further, user not only get to better track a workout using GPS but can also share it on Facebook right away.

Similarly, the Fit 2 is also able to make out if the user is running or biking automatically. However, more specific activities like yoga or strength training has to be logged manually for the Fit 2 to be better aware of what’s happening.

Also, despite being a fitness tracker to the core, Fit 2 includes some smartwatch elements as well. As such, Fit 2 will not only display messages received but, unlike other trackers of its ilk, Fit 2 will also allow the user to reply to those as well.

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However, so much for all the positives, one glaring drawback with the Fit 2 is that it is only compatible with Android phones. In contrast, market leader FitBit or even Microsoft Band 2 connects to Android, iOS and Windows.

As for its specs, Fit 2 comes with a curved AMOLED display and is powered by a Samsung 1GHz Exynos 3250 coupled to 512 MB RAM. Fit 2 also offers 4 GB storage, which should be enough to store a few hundred songs. Samsung has also worked with Spotify to have an app ready for Fit 2, one that offers a curated playlists of songs. Fit 2 is rated for IP68 levels of water and dust protection.

Pre-order for the Fit 2 starts June 3 with deliveries commencing June 10.

Samsung meanwhile has also announced the Gear IconX earbuds that will also function as a fitness tracker. Priced $200, IconX is slated for launch later in the year.


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