Samsung has come up with the Active version of its current flagship, the Galaxy S7. An AT&T-exclusive Galaxy S7 Active shouldn’t come as a surprise considering this is the fourth year in a row that Samsung has followed up the launch of its flagship with the most rugged version of the same carrying the Active moniker.

Basically, it’s the same Galaxy S7 that offers a polycarbonate treatment with the svelte and sleek lines of the flagship device replaced with the blunt and tough edges for its Active counterpart. It’s taller, wider and thicker with all of the extra builds, adding to the weight of the handset.

The rear glass panel of the Galaxy S7 has a rubberized cover sporting a dimpled design while there is an extra layer of polycarbonate over the front display to provide an additional dose of durability. The latter allows for the screen to survive even from a five ft. fall.

Apart from the external design, the other significant change with the Galaxy S7 Active is its massive 4,000mAh battery. In fact, that’s the largest to be seen on any Samsung smartphone ever and should significantly enhance the already acclaimed battery life of the Galaxy S7. For comparison’s sake, the Galaxy S7 comes with a 3,000mAh battery while the larger S7 Edge deals with a slightly better 3,600mAh power source.

The Galaxy S7 Active also includes the additional Active Key first introduced in the Galaxy S6 Active. Functionality remains the same – quick access to the app listed in the Samsung Activity Zone. Designed to respond to short press, long press or a double press, the Active Key can launch the apps it is linked to even when the device is locked.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active meanwhile continues to flaunt the same IP68 rating for its water and dust proofing as flagship Galaxy S7.

The front home button is now flanked on either side with physical buttons for the back and new functions on the S7 Active. Similarly, the individual volume up and down buttons are replaced by a single volume rocker switch. Interestingly, the 3.5mm headphone jack is now included on the top of the S7 Active, something that is present along the bottom of the Galaxy S7. That, in turn, might be the only internal change that Samsung has introduced with the S7 Active, which otherwise remains the same as the standard Samsung Galaxy S7.

As a reminder, it’s running on the same Snapdragon 820 chipset coupled to a 4GB of RAM and 32 GB of internal storage. The camera setup remains unchanged: 12-megapixel and 6-megapixel for the rear and front respectively. There is also a fingerprint scanner along with a 5.1-inch QHD display.

Availability starts June 10 with buyers having the option of AT&T’s standard Next plan that costs $26.50 per month over a 30-month period or the Next Every Year plans that entail paying $33.13 per month over the next 30 months. Both the prices come to around $795.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Active may not be as good looking like the standard Galaxy S7 but appeals in its way, more so given that it’s available in several color options. At least the S7 Active does not seem to be an afterthought and is a lot better looking device than last year’s S6 Active.


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