While it remains to be seen if any iPhone owner would like to see Android running on his/her device, there is a method to do that nonetheless. The credit goes to a developer Nick Lee, who built a custom case which when attached to the iPhone will make the latter to port Android, version Marshmallow to be specific.

The solution can’t accurately be termed practical just yet and can be considered more of a technology demonstrator than anything else. The entire thing is pulled off with a 3D printed case containing a Lemaker HiKey board, a battery pack along with other necessary hardware such as a boost converter and resistor. The case also comes with HDMI and USB ports, along with an SD card slot as well.

The way it works is also simple. The iPhone just has to be placed in the case and connected via the Lightning port. After that, the custom version of Android marshmallow is booted using the Tendigi app from the iPhone’s home screen. That makes sense considering Lee happens to be the CTO of Tendigi.

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The need for the case stems from the fact that the entire Android show on the iPhone is run from the case itself. It’s just the display and controls of the iPhone that comes into play with the complete hardware needed to run Android being supported from within the case itself. That again is a move to bypass the Apple regulations that bar the running of any third party code on an iPhone.

So it’s like having an entire phone out there within the case, or just the bare minimum of it with none of iPhone’s hardware bits contributing to the transformation. The iPhone will work just as fine without the case but will serve as an Android device once attached to the case.

Lee stated he might consider building a sleeker case if there are enough consumers interested in it. Lee’s earlier claim to fame has been the successful integration of Windows 95 on the Apple Watch.


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