Reports of another hack have come to light, this time, it being Twitter that has emerged as the target.

More than 32 million Twitter usernames and passwords and are on sale for ten bitcoins, which is roughly over $5,800. A group known as Peace is said to be responsible which also marked involvement in similar hacks of a host of sites such as Myspace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Fling, and VK. However, in all of the cases, the actual hack had occurred a few years back. However, now it’s all about the data dump that has been put on sale.

LeakedSource confirmed that it received a copy of the Twitter data dump from Tessa88, which also happens to be the same alias used in previous instances of data breaches. The database comprises of email addresses along with usernames and passwords.

However, Twitter has denied the news of this security breach.

A Twitter spokesperson said the company is confident that this data breach did not obtain any usernames and credentials, and its systems have not been breached.”

“In fact, we’ve been working to help keep accounts protected by checking our data against what’s been shared from recent other password leaks,” he said further.

The microblogging site is, however, suggesting the leaked login details could have been collected using malware that might have picked those up from the user’s browsers. Twitter, however, said some of its accounts are on hold with the respective account holders sent an email requiring them to reset their passwords at the earliest. Twitter didn’t reveal exactly how many accounts have are suspended though the company confirmed to the Wall Street Journal the numbers are in millions.

Another possibility being put forth by security analysts is that the latest Twitter records could have been sourced from the databases from the several data breaches that occurred in recent times.

Worth mentioning, reports of hacking of Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter account had made headlines a few days back. Meanwhile, the latest hack should serve as another reminder for the netizens to have their passwords reset if they have not done so already.


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