Recent reports indicate that HTC will be officially announcing the HTC Butterfly S smartphone on the 19th of June. The HTC Butterfly S will be an improved and enhanced version of the original HTC Butterfly and might also incorporate some of the key features present on the company’s flagship model – HTC One.

Taiwanese media has been getting invitations to an HTC press event that will take place on the 19th of June. It is being said that HTC will unveil two new smartphones at this event – the HTC Butterfly S and the HTC Desire 600. We already know where the HTC Butterfly S comes from, and as far as the HTC Desire 600 is concerned, we believe that it will be a mid-segment Android smartphone.

There are no doubts about whether these two smartphones will be announced or not, because HTC has clearly mentioned these two names in the invitation. You can check out the invitation shown here, most of the text in the invitation is in a foreign language, but you can see the names of the two devices.


What does HTC have to show us with the new HTC Butterfly S, will it just be an improvement over the HTC Butterfly or will it even be better than the HTC One? We cannot say for sure right now, but we do know some of the things that HTC will be putting inside this new smartphone – newer and faster processor, larger battery, 5-inch full HD display and the latest version of Android.

Along with these features, we also believe that the Butterfly S will also have some of the features present on the HTC One which include Sense 5.0 UI and BlinkFeed, Zoe etc.