Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Its Android Marshmallow time for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 affiliated to T-Mobile. With this, owners of the said handsets should have their long prayers finally answered; long since it took quite some time for the update to arrive on the Note 4 devices.

T-Mobile though is yet to officially announce the availability of the latest Android update. That however should arrive anytime soon given the extent to which the information has already proliferated among the masses. The update is also pretty hefty at around 1.5 GB, which means owners need to have access to a speedy and reliable Wi-Fi connection to have a hassle free upgrade process.

Then again, it can be several days for the notifications to reach the end user, which is pretty much the norm with such updates. Those who can’t wait may go for the usual manual process by tapping through Settings > About device > Software Update.

As for reasons to go for the latest and greatest Android iterations, well there are many. For instance, there is the Google Now on Tap to look forward to along with new permissions and the new Doze mode that leads to better battery optimization. The change log that accompanies the update also has mention of a new TouchWiz user interface and a new vibration pattern concept.

T-Mobile has also been particularly late with its marshmallow update for Note 4 considering that it has already made available the same for the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 5, and Galaxy S6 devices it sold. The Marshmallow update for the above devices was made available during April-May period.

Verizon, that has often been the butt of many a joke for being late in introducing updates have already launched the Marshmallow update for Note 4 about a month back. Android Marshmallow has been available for the Note 4 since April. Worse still, it’s been 9-months since Google had launched the version.


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