TeamViewer is a very popular among desktop users to help friends and relatives in the resolution of problems through remote support. The German company has been providing an app for Android and iOS for long and finally released a version for Windows Phone 8.

Now Windows Phone 8 device owners will be able to control a Windows, Mac or Linux computer remotely. Similar to the desktop version, the configuration of the app is simple and straight forward.

TeamViewer for Windows Phone 8 is specifically designed for the mobile operating system and allows you to access a remote computer securely with highly secure standard (256 Bit AES Session Encoding and 1024 Bit RSA Key Exchange).

As the app is developed for touch devices, you can interact through the common gestures including pinch to zoom in and out desktop, text scrolling with two fingers and drag & drop.

TeamViewer for Windows Phone - Screenshot
TeamViewer for Windows Phone – Screenshot

During a session, you can recall the commands of Windows 8 on the remote PC. For example, open Charms bar or enter the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Del. There is also an option to restart the controlled computer and you can easily switch from one screen to another when remote computer has multiple monitors.

TeamViewer for Windows Phone 8 shows online status of computers and allows you to establish a connection with them via quick access. All the listed features do not require complicated configuration of the firewall or proxy server.

To start a remote session, you must install the desktop application, start the software and read the ID and password couple. These numbers must be typed with the application, and magically, you will see the desktop of the remote computer on you smartphone. The graphic quality and speed of the interaction obviously depend upon the type of connection used.

The initial reviews are very positive on the Windows Phone Store and makes it a very good app. Try it now!


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