BlackBerry has recently proclaimed that the company has improvised the popular social networking Facebook app for BlackBerry 10 device. This new facebook app version 10.2.0 is expected to bring in several design tweaks and new features such as fresh photo upload, viewing and sorting options to the application. The company believes that these novel additional features will improve the browsing experience of the users in an enjoyable manner.

The new version of Facebook app for BlackBerry 10 device is available for free on the BlackBerry World (in-house store of the company). It is imperative for the users to first upgrade the firmware version of the device to 10.1 operating system in order to install the 10.2.0 Facebook app for Blackberry 10 device.

Before this new release, the Facebook app was last released in March. With this new version release of the app, the consumers will be able to add new photo albums or add extra photos unswervingly to an explicit album on Facebook. In particular, photos taken with the Z10 and Q10 models of BlackBerry can be uploaded straight into an already existing album on Facebook or in to the freshly added album.


10.2.0 Facebook app now allows the users to tag people in photos as one can do from a PC or laptop. This is achieved for the first time in the history of Facebook app for mobile device and in addition to this, users can toggle among the photos uploaded to Facebook. Above all of these features, the app has been improvised to facilitate the organization of uploaded and shared pictures on the Facebook site.

Further to these updates with respect to photo album part, the Canadian company has mentioned in a blog post update that “We had also reinvented the news feed design in order to formulate the navigation part of the Facebook app for BlackBerry 10 in an enjoyable way”.

We can expect that BlackBerry will update the Facebook app often with the objective of raising its market share.


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