If you have to talk to somebody, then using online meeting software that incorporates both video and audio might actually be the last choice on your mind, especially if you happen to have some anxiety about having to face another person in the corporate setting. But besides that, a video conferencing software that has all the bells and whistles that you need may cost quite a significant amount of money. If that is the case, then why not just round everybody up into whatever conference room is available and have a good old chat about what has to be done for the good of the company? If you have to talk to somebody who is not in the same room or building, why not just dial a number on the telephone to talk to that person? Well, there are a number of reasons why video conferences are so much more effective than any other method that you currently have in your company, and in this article, we will be discussing exactly why that is the case.

Online Meetings Can Help You Keep You Employees Engaged

According to an article on The Social Workplace, 56 percent of employees surveyed said that they were most likely to multitask while conducting a phone conference, while only 4 percent said they would be distracted by other things to do if they were in a video conference. Not only that, but these types of platforms can enable your staff to improve when it comes to decision-making, too, because they will be better able to get the message across clearly if everybody is paying complete attention to the discussion at hand.

Video Calls Are Much More Effective Than Audio Calls

Though audio calls are beneficial in their own right, they do have one distinct disadvantage: we cannot see the people that we are talking to on the other end of the line. Due to this, we are only able to deduce the kind of personality and attitude that somebody has depending on how we perceive their tone and depending on what words they choose in order to relay a message they want to send to us. By contrast, video conferencing allows us not only to hear what they are saying, but see how they are saying it as well with their faces, hands, and the rest of their body. If used well, these gestures could even make people participate more actively in discussions. In fact, according to an article by Peter Economy on the website Inc., around 60 to 90 percent of how we communicate with other people is conveyed via nonverbal ways. That is why it is even more important to allow others to see you from head to toe, and not just have them listen to the words you say.

Web Conferences Can Save Your Company a Lot of Money Associated with Travel

Having to go to several different places just to meet up with important business partners or people does not come cheap. With the cost of an airplane ticket, board and lodging, food, commuting, and whatever other things on the list you have to account for, then your budget can quickly start to be drained, especially if you have to attend a ton lot of meetings every single month. With interactive video meetings by services like BlueJeans, you can take all of that money and invest it into a single platform instead that will pay off far into the future. No longer will you have to spend precious time and money jetting from one country to another, not to mention the effort it will take just to get back home or to the office. Now, all you will have to do is invite your conversation partner to a meeting using the video conference software. With a click of the button, you can see and hear the other person from all the way across the globe without having to leave the comfort of your own cubicle or even your own office. You can use that extra time to get more work done instead, or you could even get some rest so that you can tackle that next big project that you have on your hands.

The Takeaway: There Is Really No Reason Why You Should Not Go for This Solution

With all of the benefits that you can gain from implementing an online meeting solution that combines text chat, audio calls, video conferences, file sharing, screen sharing, and multiple device compatibility, there is so much that your company can do more effectively with the help of these platforms. Look into the best option for your company now so that you can start to phase out all of the outdated modes of communication that are not giving you the best value for your money in this day and age.


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