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Microsoft is using computer science to find cancer cure


Microsoft Corporation has begun an innovative venture to find a cure for cancer. The technology giant is using Computer Science to look for a solution of one of the most dreading disease in the history of humanity.

We are all aware that some of the toughest problems of the technology world find their solution in the renowned research laboratories of Microsoft. It has pioneered some of the most groundbreaking inventions mostly in the software and programming niches. It’s research facilities are spread across the world where several scientists, programmers, and engineers are working day and night to solve problems and bring something new to the computing industry.

Now, a selected group of scientists are using their expertise to decipher the mystery of cancer. They aim to find something revolutionary by combining the field of biology with that of algorithms and computers. Commenting on the new initiative, Jasmin Fisher, a biologist working at Microsoft’s Laboratory in Cambridge said, “We are trying to change the way research is done on a daily basis in biology.”

The new research team is taking the help of natural language and machine learning to help some of the world’s top oncologists decode the complex nature of cancer. They aim to offer personalized treatment to a patient by using advanced algorithms to process every available data. Another group of scientists is working to implement the machine learning with computer vision in the field of radiology. This will provide radiologists detailed analysis of a tumor inside a patient’s body much quicker than manual inspection.

The company also has a different team to develop a cutting-edge algorithm to decrypt the process of cancer emergence in a healthy individual. This will also document the effectiveness or action of various treatments. Another group of researchers is making a futuristic attempt to formulate artificially programmed cells which can be used to kill diseases like cancer from inside the body.

Researchers have figured out two foremost ways to use computers to eradicate cancer. The first one is concerned with data management and will be used to process the enormous chunks of information involved in cancer investigations. The second will use BMA (Bio Model Analyser) to simulate cancer-infected cells with the help of computer programs.

This will allow scientists to visualize the effects of various drugs on the diseased cells. Millions of genes and proteins can be subjected to different types of treatments to know their interaction with those particular medicines; all this will be virtually done within a computer.

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