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Apple iOS 7 will improve iPhone security, reduce iPhone theft


At the WWDC event on June 10th, Apple officially announced its new version of iOS, the Apple iOS 7. Along with the flat design and improved performance, Apple iOS 7 has a unique feature which helps stop iPhone theft by locking the iPhone and iPad to a user account. This new feature will greatly reduce iPhone theft, even though it might not be able to complete stop it.

With the introduction of Apple iOS 7, Apple consumers will feel more safe and secure. When Apple devices running iOS 7 will be plugged in to a computer for the first time, it will ask whether the computer can be trusted. This way consumers can link their devices to a particular computer after which the ‘Find My iPhone’ feature will take care of the rest.


With the above part already done, if a new user tries to restore the iPhone, he will not be able to do so, provided that Find My iPhone is on. This way, even if thieves are able to steal an iPhone, they will no longer be able to clear off all data and resell it. We just hope that Apple has considered all possible ways using which iPhone crackers and dev teams will be able to get around this protection.


Apple has definitely made a good attempt to improve security, but it still will not stop thieves from breaking down stolen iPhones and sell the parts separately. Given the fact that majority of stolen iPhones are actually resold for their value, this new improved security will definitely be helpful. So even though the police and legislators expected something more from Apple, this new feature will also prove quite helpful.

Apple iOS 7 will be available starting from fall this year, after which every consumer will be able to download and use it. For those who are really interested and cannot wait, you can get your hands on the beta version of iOS 7 right away.

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