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Samsung Gear S3 debuts in the US and the UK; Save up to $50 this Black Friday

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung Gear S3 Classic and S3 Frontier are now available in the US and the UK in time for Black Friday deals, even though they’d been released prior to this time in South Korea. The Gear S3 Classic comes for $350 in the United States and £349 in the United Kingdom.

After Black Friday, the price may go back to its original price of $399, so shoppers would do better to cash in on the Black Friday deals to enjoy the quality discount on the smartwatch.

Many people agree on that the Samsung Gear S3 is packed with immense functionality and power, but there is no doubting the fact that it is on the expensive side and its price could drill a significant hole in someone’s pockets. But acting during this Black Friday period may serve your frugal purpose if you’d always admired the smartwatch.

Moreover, you may equally choose to go for the Gear S2 if you can’t afford the S3 at this period. BuyDig is said to offer the Gear S2 for $159 during Black Friday even though it typically sells for $299, but it must be noted that both the S2 and S3 offer different functionalities and interloping service apps.

The duo features functionalities such as rotating bezel for an interactive user interface, Tizen OS, AMOLED screen display, heart-rate monitor, and other health sensors. The Black Friday deal makes the GPS feature optional in the Gear S2, and its battery is also definitely smaller compared to the Gear S3.

A consumer can use Samsung Pay functionality on the Gear S2, but it will only work for NFC payments and on Samsung smartphones with the Samsung Pay already integrated into them. The Samsung Gear G3, on the other hand, works well with MST and NFC support for Samsung Pay, and this even on Android smartphones using the 4.4 KitKat operating system or higher.

While the Gear S3 Classic and the Frontier are similar on many ends, the latter has an inbuilt LTE radio functionality, and this feature might give it an edge over the former. Having debuted in South Korea last week and now in the UK and the US among other countries, you now tap into the Black Friday spirit to acquire that Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch you’ve been eyeing for long.


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