Black Friday TV Deals 2016

We are approaching Black Friday once again. And as is the annual ritual, retailers are going all out to woo consumers. From toys to smartphones, every item is discounted to push sales. However, if there is one item that continues to be the top pick consistently over the year, it is TVs. Read on to catch up with a few factors to be aware of in order to the best high-end TVs at bargain prices this Black Friday.

With so many options to make your pick from, coupled with discounts raining galore, it is only natural to end up being more confused than being convinced. However, things can be simplified if you know what exactly you are expecting out of your next TV.

For one, you got to be clear of the screen real estate of your new TV for the best viewing pleasure. This is directly proportional to the distance you would be viewing your TV from. As a general rule, the distance between you and the TV in inches multiplied by 0.6 can be a good indicator of how big your TV should be diagonal.

Also, try giving preference to TVs that support HDR tech. HDR stands for High Dynamic Color and allows for deeper blacks and more colors, thereby contributing to far better image quality than non-HDR compliant TVs.

As a side note, even mid-range smartphones now support HDR, and you can have a good idea of what difference it makes by taking photos with the setting turned on or off.

Those TVs that support local dimming too will make for a good buy. Without getting into too much of tech jargon, local dimming is the technology that enables the TV to adjust the darker areas to be dimmed while displaying brighter regions with full brightness. This allows greater contrast and hence better image quality.

Another factor to be aware of is the manner the LEDs illuminate, and you would do good to stay clear of the ones with ‘edge LEDs.’ The ‘edge LED’ technology is cheaper to implement and should explain the relative prevalence of models incorporating edge LEDs. The display quality is the biggest loser here and is more stressed than watching say a bright object against a black background. A halo effect against the object is also a clear sign of edge LED and its disadvantage.

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The better option here would be backlit technology, with LEDs arranged directly behind the LCD. The pricier versions go for full-array backlighting with thousands of LEDs placed behind the LCD that allows for far superior color layout.

Further, with prices going southwards, it perhaps is the best time to invest in a 4K Ultra HD TV. Typically, these have four times the pixel, and hence viewing clarity than Full HD TVs. Sure there aren’t that much 4K content available so far though that sure has already begun to change.

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OLED TVs too can be a great buy but only if you can afford those. They are costly to make, and it’s perhaps only LG that currently makes OLED TVs. However, curved TVs can be dumped given that those have no significant technology advantage over the conventional flat-screen TVs. Further, they won’t be great for family viewing and are costly as well. It is largely a marketing fad and will suit best for single viewers, and if they can afford its high price tag.

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