When it comes to the business landscape that organizations are currently competing in, the veterans will tell you that things just aren’t the way that they used to be. Not only are there a tremendous amount of changes just with productivity and operations in general, but even the ways that companies have decided to conduct business from a cost point of view has even been radically changed. This is why when you are considering making significant cuts in order to harvest higher bottom line figures, you should consider video-meeting solutions for some of the following reasons.

Freeing Up Managers

Rather than having to deal with the same conference calls time and time again, it makes sense to get the process done correctly and done right the very first time as well. When individuals are starting to see the minutes add up on their phones then they aren’t just experience cost in the form of dollars in order to stay connected, but rather they also have to consider the amount of time that they are wasting as well. Meetings make sense in general because you would rather have as many people as possible in one area instead of dealing with too many individual meetings. That being said, you also have to consider the countless hours wasted on meetings in general. According to The Muse, that figure is truly mind boggling.

Depending upon which level of management you may be in, your meeting time can be somewhere between one third and one-half of your overall working time. That means when you should be actually monitoring your areas of expertise and your subordinates, you are actually being told what to do by your superiors. With this much meeting time, it can be hard to figure out how management ever even makes a difference. The catch is to make sure meetings happen more frequently than ever, but also that they happen as quickly as possible too.

Sales And Networking Efficiency

The biggest use of time in any given organization should be spent contacting your sales people and other networking opportunities. After all, even though the rest of the operation will wind up taking care of itself, you also need to be aware of the fact that when you are discussing things with outside reps, then you also need to be sure you use a soft and gentle touch. You have to coddle others at certain times, and that just isn’t possible when you are doing communication with email or telephone alone. That’s why when you use powerful software such as video meetings solutions for a business like BlueJeans, you are truly able to increase your productivity and your touches with your company contacts, but you can do so for less. With no travel costs, no time wasted to go to meetings, and even no wasted time in scheduling, you can increase the touches but cut far more cost out of your marketing budget than ever. Those savings don’t just drop to your bottom line, but rather they represent long-term savings in your company budget.

Create a High-End Feel

When some customers see high end, they will willingly pay more than they should just to be a part of a popular and reputable brand. That’s why when it comes to being able to drop higher figures to your bottom line you should recall that you actually want to be able to grow your revenues and be able to charge more up front. As long as you can bring in a higher revenue and a higher asking price for your services, then you will be able to contribute to your bottom line a significant amount more without even worrying about your expenses too much along the way.
According to INC., a few of the easiest things that you can do include determining a proper message and establishing trust and credibility. The biggest point which can satisfy all of those items is to simply make sure you are showing you are high end and are therefore willing and able to take care of other high-end individuals as well. As long as you can show your organization is able to keep up with the times, use some of the hottest and fastest technology, and is able to work for you in ways that scream efficiency, then you should have no problem convincing others of your success and reputation.

When you think about the basic accounting equation of dropping additional revenues to the bottom line and carrying over as much profit as possible, then there are only a few things you can do. You need to grow your revenue, and you need to minimize your expenses. The good news is that you can literally do both of these things when it comes to video conferencing capabilities.


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