In a total, two different sources, Bloomberg and Engadget have confirmed the arrival of HTC One Mini smartphone (also codenamed “M4”) into the market. Bloomberg, being the foremost source reported that “two people familiar with the matter say the much rumored HTC One Mini (M4) smartphone will go on sale by August 2013”. Engadget being the secondary source, has posted a fresh photograph which showcases the HTC One Mini placed subsequently to the bigger HTC One.

We all might have heard earlier from the rumor claiming that the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer, HTC is planning for M4 smartphone based on its 4.7 inch HTC One smartphone whose concept is somewhat like Samsung, making its Galaxy category of smartphones in small size and with optical zoom.


Primary source Bloomberg reiterates the rumors that we have heard earlier, by confirming that the new HTC One Mini is expected to sport a burning Snapdragon 400 processor with a clock speed of 1.4 GHz and a screen size of 4.3″ with 720 p display resolution, which is of lesser resolution than the forerunner.

Provided the fact that the HTC One has 1080p of Full HD display and burning processor as Snapdragon 600, if the next new smartphone M4 includes a 720p resolution screen supported by Snapdragon 400 processor, it will still be a potential mid range smartphone to make HTC stand out from the competition prevailing in the market.

In addition to the above mentioned factors, the good news is that the next HTC One Mini handsets will posses an aluminum based body as that of HTC One. It will also feature latest Jelly Bean Android version of 4.2.2, Beats Audio option, and much anticipated UP (Ultra Pixel) camera in the back side of the phone.

Samsung by partnering with Vodafone has previously proclaimed the release of the Galaxy S4 Mini and Samsung Smart Mini. All we have to do is wait for HTC to announce officially on the specs and release date of its new flagship handset – HTC One Mini (M4).