AT&T DirecTV Now

AT&T’s online TV streaming service, DirecTV Now has finally been launched, ending months of speculation on this. And there are a lot of goodies on offer as well, which includes a $35 per month offer that provides access to 100 channels.

The offer, AT&T hopes will put it in good stead against competitors such as the PlayStation Vue from Sony or the Sling TV from Dish. Hulu and YouTube too are slated to launch their streaming service next year.

DirecTV Now services will be available on smartphones (iOS and Android but not Windows), Chromecast, and Amazon’s Fire TV, besides PCs and Macs as well. Roku isn’t on the list just yet but will be included before the end of the year itself.

AT&T also stated they have onboard almost all networks such as ABC, Fox, and NBC while negotiations with CBS and Showtime are still ongoing. However, Cloud DVR isn’t available just yet, and it’s going to be like this for some time at least. AT&T stated the full DVR thing won’t be available until next year but stopped short of committing to a firm deadline.

Early subscribers will also have to make do sans the convenience of pausing live streams midway. However, customers sure will be able to watch two streams simultaneously.

As for the freebies, there is a free 7-day trial offer to be availed of. Some select LeEco TV models too comes with the offer of an entire years’ worth of free DirecTV Now service. Those opting to pay for three month’s service of DirecTV Now also qualify for a free Apple TV set-top box offer.

Then there is also the offer of 100 channels for an introductory price of $35 per month. That applies to the ‘Go Big’ plan which otherwise costs $60 per month.

Among the other plans currently on offer include the starting ‘Live a Little’ that would cost customers $35 every month. Next up is the ‘Just Right’ plan with a monthly cost of $50 and will let one have access to 80 channels. Then there is the top of the pack ‘Gotta have It!’ plan which costs $70 monthly and will let one watch 120+ channels.

Further, there is also the option of adding HBO and Cinemax to any of the plans though it requires paying $5 per month for each channel. The company stated they are looking to tap into the huge consumer base of 20 million families that are yet to subscribe to any pay TV service with the new DirecTV Now offer.



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