AT&T 5G Technologies

4G will soon be passé with 5G all set to be the new wireless communications standard for the tech world to be adjusting to. Towards that, AT&T has stated they have already started with customer trials of their new 5G network. The telecom giant further stated the tests would be carried out in close partnership with Intel and Ericsson but will be extremely limited in scope as of now.

So far, AT&T has only been conducting lab trials of its 5G network, with this being the first time it would be happening out in the field and involve one of its own business customers. The tests will be carried in Austin, Texas.

The second largest wireless carrier in the U.S., however, declined to reveal further details. That said, the company did confirm they would be using millimeter wave technology for its 5G network, besides also mentioning their trial involving a business client is the first of its kind as well.

“This trial is a significant step forward. We’re leaving the lab and heading into the field with a real-world business customer,” said Rick Hubbard, senior vice president – Networking Product Management, AT&T. “We expect mmWave technology to be an important part of 5G. The trial will help accelerate our 5G work by shedding new light on how the technology acts in a business environment.”

There would be different user case scenarios that would be tested during the trials. Those include VPN, Unified Communications applications, along with the ability to stream 4K video, reported Android Headlines.

It has been in January that AT&T had teamed up with Ericsson to showcase its 5G network. During the public demonstrations, the carrier successfully demoed live video streaming apart from 4K video streaming as well.

That said, AT&T also mentioned it does not expect 5G networks to be. That is because the technical specifications for 5G networks are still to be finalized and are not likely to be in the next couple of years either.

Further, large scale adoption of 5G will also depend on leading manufacturers like Apple and Samsung equipping their products with 5G compatible chips. The next generation of wireless communications standard will also play a crucial role in the development of IoT segment that envisages fitting of a wireless chip in almost all house gadgets.

Experts believe 5G is not likely to be in vogue before 2020 though South Korea is already in advanced stages of implementing 5G networks. The country is working hard to have its 5G networks ready by 2018 when it is hosting the Winter Olympics. If that be the case than domestic companies likes LG, Samsung, Hyundai and such might end up having the edge over its competitors when it comes to having 5G products in their portfolio.

As for the network itself, 5G isn’t just about speed which in any case is expected to be about 55 to even 100 times better than 4G. Rather it would also be about security while bringing down costs of the wireless communication.

The video is also expected to be the prime content that people would tend to watch and share in future. 5G is also geared towards that, offering bandwidth in excess of a gigabit per second, AT&T sources revealed.


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