WhatsApp seems to have reached a new record as the company has announced on Twitter that the service has just processed 27 billion messages over a 24 hour period. The number takes it to a new stage in the phenomenal growth of the service destroying the old empire of the SMS.

To be honest, the statistics are not entirely clear. Out of 27 billion messages, 10 billion messages are sent and 17 billion messages are received. This means that the messages were sent to multiple recipients in a group, but the count clearly shows there are not more than a duplicate of the same message. The company explains, “Sending one messages into group chat of 10 people is 1:10 inbound: outbound”.

In fact, each received message is also a sent message obviously. The statistics could be more transparent if we talk about 17 billion received messages, avoiding a cheesy sum which leads to new a record of 27 billion.

Arithmetic asides, the fact that WhatsApp has beaten its previous best of 18 million messages on December 31.  Although, the company hasn’t provided a specific day on which the new record signed.

Recently, WhatsApp CEO announced that the company has more than 200 million monthly active users which is bigger than Twitter. It is also among the oldest services used and loved in the world of mobile communication.