The rumored Microsoft Surface Phone has perhaps been the longest for any device to be in the making in recent times. The Surface maker has never really confirmed its existence, let alone provide a timeline of its launch. That said, things seem to be heading towards something definitive this time with rumors claiming the Windows 10 Mobile device might eventually be launched at the upcoming MWC event next year.

Of course, the Redmond giant isn’t revealing all its cards just yet. However, the company is making it known and eager to ‘do great things’ at the 2017 edition of Mobile World Congress. The event has never been known to be a favored hunting ground of the software firm. It’s Windows phone too has further been driven to obscurity. The Lumia 950 and 950 XL could well be the last in the Lumia family, and the company is banking on heavy discounts and other schemes to get rid of the existing stock.

Microsoft MWC 2017 Booking Tool

All of this point to Microsoft attempting to get back into the mobile scheme of things at the Barcelona event that again is oriented towards mobile devices. And the most anticipated mobile device from the company is none other than the Surface phone.

Microsoft is also slated to release the next major Windows 10 update referred to as the Creators Update at around the same time. The company has only recently announced it has entered into a partnership with Qualcomm that will see ARM-based devices now being able to support Windows 10. It will start with the new Snapdragon 835 chip which again is expected to be launched during Q1, 2017.

So it seems Microsoft has something substantial on the mobile front during the MWC. However, there are also those who believe Microsoft might still not have the Surface handset to show off at the Barcelona show. Instead, it might dwell at length of how it wishes its mobile game-plan to unfold in the coming months.

In other Surface phone rumors, there is likely to be three editions of the phone in the making. Also, there should be at least one version sporting the new Snapdragon 835 chip. The three versions will be aimed at the business, professional and fans.

Further, the chances are that the Surface handsets might also accompany a Surface Pen as well, or a scaled down version of it. Microsoft has already claimed that the ultimate mobile device is in the making, and a stylus is almost imperative to add to its productive appeal.

As for its pricing, its likely Microsoft will price it in the same bracket as Apple’s iPhone or Android flagship phones. So it may cost around $600 to $800 though the top-of-the-line variants might even cost above the $1000 mark as well.


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