Amazon is now offering a flat $100 discount on the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. What that means is that the headset will now come for $699, down from its usual price tag of $799. This also happens to be the same discount that the retail giant had offered during Black Friday.

Included in the bundle will be the headset along with two motion controllers and two base stations that will allow for 360 degrees room-scale tracking. All of the accessories make the Vive headset system the most complete setup for a true feel of virtual reality experience.

The timing of the discount too is interesting considering that the Royal Academy of Arts in London will also be hosting the first ever exhibition of 3D printed artworks in virtual reality between January 11 and 14, 2017. The exhibition is being organized in collaborating with HTC Vive.

The art exhibition will be unlike any other given that the artwork would be in virtual reality, which the visitors will be able to experience in real time. The artist and alumni of the Royal Academy would be creating the art pieces using the HTC Vive virtual reality platform.

So in effect, visitors will not only be able to walk around the artwork but also view it from every conceivable angle. Also, not only will be exhibition will be the first of its kind, the tools and methods to be used to create the art pieces will also be unlike any other ever used by any contemporary artists.

For instance, it is art software such as Tilt Brush and Kodon modeling tool that the artist will have at their disposal to create the art works. Thereafter, SuperHuge 3D printing will be used to reproduce the art pieces in real life.

No wonder, such techniques have given rise to a new breed of artists who excel in giving form to their creativity using new age computer tools and technologies. It will be artists Adham Faramawy, Elliot Dodd and Jessy Jetpacks that would be creating the artworks, creating history in the process.


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