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7 Ways to Troubleshoot If Your Fire Stick Keeps Restarting – Business Insider

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If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick — or any Fire TV media player like a Fire TV Cube — that keeps restarting, there are a few potential issues that could be causing the problem. It’s not always obvious what the specific problem is, so you should troubleshoot your Fire TV Stick by trying one solution at a time until the problem is fixed.
You might have your Amazon Fire TV Stick plugged into a power adapter that came with another device — most of the time that might work just fine. If your particular stick keeps restarting, though, it might be finicky and want to be plugged into the power adapter that came with your Fire TV device. Switch to that and see if the problem goes away.
If you swapped out cables to reach the power adapter, replace the original USB cable that came with the Fire TV Stick — or at the very least, replace the cable with the shortest USB cable you can find. You might need to use an electrical extension cord to reach the Fire TV Stick, and that’s fine. See if that resolved the issue. 
Sometimes “rebooting” the device will reset it and get it working properly again. Unplug your Fire TV Stick and leave it completely powered off for two minutes. Then plug it back in and see if that solved your problem.
It’s possible that your software or the device’s firmware could be out of date and causing a glitch. To update the Fire Stick, use the remote to select Settings, then My Fire TV, About, and then select Install Update. Install any software if there is an update available. 
As you eliminate obvious software issues with the Fire TV Stick, it’s increasingly likely that either there is a problem with the Fire TV Stick or the TV connection. One way to test the TV is to plug the Fire TV Stick into a different HDMI port. If it works fine in a different port, either that port has a problem or the Fire TV Stick is incompatible with the version of HDMI in the original port. 
Still not working? If you can, move the Fire TV Stick to another display — either a different TV or plug it into the HDMI port of a computer monitor. Let the stick run for a while on this other device and see if the problem persists. If it does not, look for anything different about this set, including the way it’s powered or plugged in. Another thing to check: When you plug it back into the original TV, unplug any devices from the other HDMI ports and see if the problem resolves itself. 
If nothing else has resolved the problem, there might be corrupted software on your Fire TV stick that needs to be permanently flushed out. To do that, perform a factory reset. Unfortunately, this will wipe out your account settings and installed apps and channels, so you’ll need to set your Fire TV Stick up again afterward. Using the remote, choose Settings, then My Fire TV, and then choose Reset to Factory Defaults. To confirm you really want to do this, choose Reset
If the Fire TV Stick is still not working after a factory reset, it’s likely there is a problem with its hardware. You may need to get it serviced or replaced.