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Apple’s two-year transition from Intel processors to its own custom-designed chips in Macs is nearly complete. The only remaining Intel-based Macs that Apple sells are a higher-priced Mac mini configuration and the Mac Pro tower, and both of those models are expected to be updated with M2 series chips by the end of the year.
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Based on the latest rumors, we’ve outlined when to expect new models of every Mac in Apple’s lineup and which chips they are expected to be powered by. For more information and purchase recommendations, consult the MacRumors Buyer’s Guide.

Apple updated the MacBook Air in July 2022 with the M2 chip, a slightly larger 13.6-inch display, a notch, flatter edges, and new Starlight and Midnight color options. The notebook features MagSafe charging, an upgraded 1080p camera, two Thunderbolt 3 ports, a headphone jack with support for high-impedance headphones, four speakers, and more.
Rumors suggest that a new MacBook Air with an M3 chip will be released in 2023 as one of Apple’s first Macs with a 3nm chip. In addition to a new 13-inch MacBook Air, Apple reportedly plans to release an all-new 15-inch MacBook Air.

Released in June 2022, the latest 13-inch MacBook Pro features the same design as the previous model, with the only notable change being the addition of the M2 chip. Another spec bump to the M3 chip is expected in June 2023 or later.

Apple’s next-generation 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips are “well into development and testing,” and planned for release “as early as this fall,” according to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman. As usual in recent years, Gurman said the timeframe could be pushed back due to supply chain disruptions or other factors.
While some reports suggested that the M2 Pro and M2 Max chips may be Apple’s first 3nm chips, it looks increasingly likely that the chips will remain 5nm. The chips would still have modest performance improvements over the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips, and increased GPU core counts and unified memory (RAM) are also likely.

Apple released the colorful 24-inch iMac with an M1 chip in May 2021. According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to skip an M2 version of the iMac and will instead release a model with an M3 chip at some point in 2023.
Gurman also believes that Apple eventually plans to release a larger iMac to replace the discontinued 27-inch iMac and iMac Pro models.

Apple released the Mac mini with an M1 chip as one of its first three Apple silicon Macs in November 2020. Nearly two years later, a new version of the base model Mac mini with an M2 chip is rumored to be on the horizon.

Apple still sells a higher-priced Mac mini configuration with Intel processors, but rumors suggest it will be replaced with a model with an M2 Pro chip soon. It remains to be seen if the higher-end Mac mini remains available in Space Gray, as Apple dropped that color option for the standard Mac mini when it was updated with the M1 chip.

As a first-generation product, the future of the Mac Studio remains to be seen. There is no clear timeframe for when the Mac Studio might be updated, but if it is, it would be reasonable to expect a spec bump with M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips.

At its March 2022 event, Apple teased the launch of a Mac Pro with Apple silicon, saying “that’s for another day.” According to Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple plans to release a new Mac Pro with M2 Ultra and “M2 Extreme” chips, and it’s very likely that the computer will be released by the end of 2022, completing Apple’s move away from Intel.

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