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Bluebonnet AirPods Case review: Elegant protection for any AirPods … – iMore

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Bottom line: Bluebonnet’s Leather Case for AirPods and AirPods Pro is crafted beautifully, from the fine-grain leather to the distinctive blue accents. Aside from looking slick, this case also protects your AirPods Charging Case from every angle.
Beautifully designed and crafted
Smooth top-grain leather
Supports wireless charging
Elevates AirPods when opened
Covers AirPods pairing button
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Bluebonnet has become a bit of a staple in my house, not only because I’m partial to fine leather, but also because I know I can count on this brand for excellence in both design and quality. Bluebonnet’s line of leather cases for Apple AirPods and AirPods Pro is no exception. These elegant cases protect my AirPods and lend a distinctive, sophisticated look at the same time.
Bluebonnet AirPods Cases create a hard shell that completely envelopes the charging case of the Apple AirPods or AirPods Pro. There is a cutout for the charging port and the charging light, but the rest is enclosed inside the leather case. This provides sturdy protection that will keep the AirPods Case like new, but it also makes the AirPods look pretty slick. I’ll give you the full rundown of my experience with these products, but first the basics:Bluebonnet Leather Airpods Pro Case Black In BoxBluebonnet leather goods remain pretty exclusive. They can only be found on the Bluebonnet website and at Neiman Marcus. The AirPods case fits all three generations of AirPods, including the AirPods 3, and there’s another case that fits the AirPods Pro. All of them are available in both black and brown leather. No matter which size or color you choose, all Bluebonnet AirPods Cases go for $40.Bluebonnet Leather Airpods Case BrownAlthough this case has more to it than just looks, you can’t deny that the Bluebonnet Leather AirPods Case is a handsome product. The leather is smooth and shiny, it fits the AirPods Charging Case like a glove, and the blue details are striking. I’ve had multiple friends notice and admire the case, and even total strangers have asked me where I bought it. Of course, one thing that makes the leather case beautiful is that it’s crafted carefully with a quality that you can see.
The genuine leather is silky to the touch and even smells like quality leather. The way it wraps around the charging case is perfectly precise, with exact cutouts around the charging port and the tiny charging light. Underneath the leather is a tough TPU material in Bluebonnet’s trademark cerulean blue. For me, these little blue details are what make Bluebonnet designs unique, and the pop of color always adds a distinctive touch to an otherwise quiet, elegant product.
What makes the leather case beautiful is that it’s crafted carefully with a quality that you can see.
When it comes to functionality, the case is equally well-designed. The shell goes onto and off of the AirPods with ease, but it will never detach accidentally. It covers the charging case completely, offering impeccable 360º protection. The charging port is easy to access, and the charging light is easy to see. My favorite thing about the case is that it elevates the AirPods charging case when you open it. So every time you open the case, the AirPods rise up to meet you, making them extra easy to pop out and pop back in. Finally, the fine leather will not impede wireless charging, so you can use the AirPods exactly the same way you would if they had no case at all.Bluebonnet Leather Airpods Pro Case Black In HandTo be honest, there wasn’t much of anything I didn’t like about the Bluebonnet Leather AirPods Case. I guess if I had to come up with a downside, and I’m reaching here, it would be that the Bluebonnet Case covers the pairing button. Many people don’t even use this little button, but it’s that little circle on the back of the AirPods charging case. Since the only time you use this button is if you’re having pairing problems, or if you need to reset the device, I don’t really see this as a real disadvantage. But just in case you happen to use the pairing button on a regular basis, it’s good to know that you will need to take the AirPods out of the leather case in order to press the pairing button.Nomad Rugged Case For Airpods Pro ReviewThe best comparison I’ve seen to the Bluebonnet Leather Case is the Nomad Modern Leather Case for AirPods Pro, a case that we have reviewed previously on iMore. Like the Bluebonnet, the Nomad is also constructed from genuine, high-quality leather. It offers several colors in the black and brown range, and also features cutouts for the charging port and the LED light. The Nomad has more of a plain design, without the distinctive bright details of the Bluebonnet, but the Nomad case does have a small lanyard attachment point if you’d like to attach it to a lanyard or keychain.
It’s important to note Nomad only makes cases for the AirPods Pro, not the original AirPods. But since the Nomad case comes in at a similar price point as the Bluebonnet AirPods Case, the only other thing to set it apart from the Bluebonnet is the lanyard attachment point. Choosing between these two products will probably come down to your own design preferences.Bluebonnet Leather Airpods Case Brown BoxThe Apple AirPods Charging Case, like all Apple products, has a simple and attractive design. But unfortunately, that shiny white surface is prone to scratches and abrasions. Anyone with a pair of AirPods could do with a good cover to keep the charging case pristine, and if you like fine leather goods, then the Bluebonnet will be the perfect fit. Since there are sizes for AirPods 1, 2, 3, and Pro, it will suit any type of AirPods case.
Bluebonnet’s line of leather AirPods cases is a beautiful solution for AirPods protection. The cases serve their purpose well, providing 360º protection with a TPU base and a genuine leather exterior. The leather is top-notch, soft, and smooth to the touch with a polished finish that looks sleek. The leather shell combined with trademark Bluebonnet blue details culminates in a beautifully crafted product that catches eyes and compliments. Although the case does cover the pairing button on the back of the charging case, this has not caused any impediment to my experience with the Bluebonnet AirPods case. In fact, the functionality is every bit as streamlined as the visual design. As far as AirPods cases go, it’s a top-notch product for me, all around.Bluebonnet Leather Airpods Cases Product

Bottom line: Protect your AirPods in fine style with the Bluebonnet AirPods Case. No matter which model of AirPods you own, Bluebonnet makes a beautiful leather case to fit it.
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