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The GMC Hummer EV Is HUGE in Real-World Traffic – Jalopnik

So I walk out of Jalopnik World Headquarters in the heart of New York City to go grab my usual lunch — two Nathan’s hot dogs with mustard and kraut, crinkle fries, iced tea — and wouldn’t you know it, I spot two GMC Hummer EV pickup trucks trundling down 5th Avenue. Now, we’ve seen the new electric Hummer before in photos, but this is the first time I’ve seen one in its natural habitat: Looming over conventional utility vehicles and taking up every last inch of its lane. It is hard to convey just how utterly huge this thing is in real life — hopefully, these hasty, low-quality cellphone photos can help put it in context.
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On paper, we already knew the Hummer EV was going to be gargantuan. It weighs over 9,000 pounds, with a battery pack that — on its own — is heavier than a Mazda MX-5 Miata. Somehow, despite the vicious cycle of more-batteries-means-more-weight-thus-it-needs-more-batteries, the end result is an electric truck that can do 0-60 in 3 seconds flat and cranks out 1,000 horsepower.
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When I spotted the twin Hummers at a red light, I strolled up to the first truck and had a quick chat with the driver. Apparently, these are GM demonstration vehicles, and they were being ferried from one event to another. The driver told me the trucks were in off-road mode, with their height-adjustable suspensions in their tallest setting. I’m six feet tall, and standing by the front wheel, the hood was a little too high for me to comfortably rest my elbow on it. Like I said: huge.
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Comparing the Hummer EV to the typical NYC taxi — a haggard Toyota Camry — puts into perspective just how outrageously oversized this thing is. It is five inches wider than a 2022 Silverado 2500, itself a vehicle that would be burdensome to drive in New York City traffic. Raised up to its highest setting, the Hummer EV towers over the vehicles around it.
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Look, any big pickup is going to seem hilariously oversized in NYC traffic. The Hummer takes it a step beyond that. It sits on 35-inch tires, like the biggest, baddest Ford F-150 Raptors and Ram TRXs. But while those giant off-road tires look suitably oversized on conventional pickup trucks, they look normal, if not slightly undersized, on the Hummer EV. The styling somehow hides the sheer size of the thing. It’s only when you see it in context of other cars that you realize how absurdly oversized it is.
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I sure hope the folks driving these dueling Hummers weren’t planning on leaving Manhattan: the Hummer EV vastly exceeds the 6,000-pound weight limit for the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.
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The following are the rest of the photos I took while the Hummers tailed me for a few blocks on my walk back to the office.
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Thanks to NYC traffic, I was able to keep pace with the Hummers despite the fact that I was on foot and they have 1,000 horsepower each.
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I have no idea how any human could load or unload cargo into a bed that high off the ground.
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The only dimension in which the Hummer EV is relatively normal is overall length: 217 inches, slightly less than a long-bed Chevy Colorado.
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But the width and height make up for the stubby length.
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This picture gives a good indicator of how little elbow room a Hummer EV has on NYC city streets. It’s a few inches from the lane lines on both sides.
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Remember when the GMC Envoy was a big SUV? The Hummer laughs at its puny sibling.
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The Nissan NV200-based NYC taxi is tall enough that you can nearly stand up inside. The Hummer EV is taller and virtually twice as wide.
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This gives you some perspective as to how hulking the Hummer EV really is.
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Like I’m saying, it’s a big’un.
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We can see you, Hummer.
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Nom nom nom.
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As a side note: my lunch was delicious.
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