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Apple iPad 2022: New Leak Teases Dazzling Design Is Just Days Away – Forbes

ESR iPad Case – could it be for the iPad 10th generation?
The next iPad looks like having the biggest design update in years. It’s due to arrive in the next few days (here’s exactly when it will be unveiled) and it suggests that the one constant of every single iPad until now will be going: the Touch ID on the front of the screen.
Of course, it’s only the entry-level iPad that has the Touch ID button on the front. On the iPad Pro, there’s Face ID, while the iPad Air and iPad mini have moved the fingerprint sensor into the power button.
Now, according to Macotakara, an accessory maker, ESR, has revealed cases claimed to be for the new iPad, which will be the tenth-generation model.
The ESR cases show something that looks much closer to the iPad Air, that is, with cliff-steep edges, and a narrow, even-on-all-four-sides bezel around the display.
This will bring the iPad into line with the other models in the range so in that respect is not unexpected, but it’s still intriguing. After all, the entry-level iPad costs $329 for the 64GB version with wi-fi only and represents extremely good value.
So, in a sense, Apple has no need to upgrade the tablet to something that looks so much closer to the Air. Customers might choose the iPad over the Air if the price differential remains the same and the iPad has the Air’s stylish looks.
The leaked case has a big cut-out on one edge which would be the second-generation Apple Pencil could snap into place, bringing another upgrade that the iPad currently lacks.
And recent reports have suggested it could be the next Apple device to adopt USB-C instead of Lightning.
The ESR cases seem to suggest a couple of other changes: the case could attach magnetically, hinting at a smart connector.
And the rear of the case is deeper to accommodate a protuberant rear camera—hinting that the next iPad will see a big camera upgrade.
These are exciting changes, if true, though joy will certainly be confined if there’s an accompanying price rise. We’ll know in just a matter of days, I believe, so please check back.