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New Apple Leak Reveals More iPhone 15 Release Details – Forbes

The first iPhone 15 leaks claim significant changes are coming to the design of both standard and Pro models. And now details of the internal changes have leaked as well.
In a new report, influential industry analyst TrendForce has revealed camera, memory, modem and connectivity details about the iPhone 15 range. And it looks like we will be in for a surprisingly early upgrade to USB-C.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max concept illustrating earlier dual camera leak
Breaking the news down, TrendForce claims that Apple will boost RAM in iPhone 15 Pro models from 6GB to 8GB, introduce a new ‘8P’ (eight-element) lens for the primary camera (iPhone 14 models have a seven-element lens), a periscope lens exclusively for the Pro Max model, and begin a “comprehensive” switch from lightning to USB-C connectors for all models.
This latter element is seemingly at odds with comments from Apple’s Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing, who this week said, “the Europeans are the ones dictating timing for European customers.” New EU Law requires all smartphones sold to member countries to use USB-C by the fall of 2024.
That said, TrendForce’s information aligns with multiple leaks that claim Apple will move early and transition part, if not all, iPhone 15 models to USB-C a year ahead of the EU deadline. Whether this is just for Europeans or worldwide remains to be seen.
Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max / Ultra concept
In addition, TrendForce says Apple will again put its plans for an in-house 5G modem on the back burner for another generation “because its mmWave signal test results cannot meet Apple’s requirements.” Apple is widely expected to use Qualcomm’s X70 modem in the iPhone 15 range, but this is the first time we’ve been given a specific reason why.
As for the periscope lens, this has been rumored for some time, though not as a Pro Max exclusive. Its inclusion would tie in with reports that Apple will widen the gap between the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models next year, possibly even calling the latter the ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’ and manufacturing it with a high-strength, low weight titanium chassis.
Having seemingly misjudged demand for its standard iPhone 14 models this year, Apple looks set to shake things up with the iPhone 15 range. Though I would not be surprised if all these upgrades come at a higher cost.
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