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New iPhone 15 Renders Show Surprising Shape Change – Forbes

Early iPhone 15 leaks claim Apple is planning to redesign its iconic smartphone range. And now we just got our first look at how the new ‘iPhone 15 Ultra’ flagship is expected to look.
Extraordinarily detailed renders by Saad Ismail (for AppleInsider) illustrate how reports of curved edges, dual front cameras and the transition to USB-C should look. And the result is an iPhone that is unmistakably modern yet undeniably retro.
Apple iPhone 15 Ultra render based on the latest leaks
What really stands out here is the curved chassis, which has echoes of the 2013 iPhone 5C. While this design is unloved due to its cheap plastic back, it was arguably the most ergonomic iPhone Apple made since the iPhone 3GS.
Furthermore, in terms of build quality, the iPhone 15 Ultra could hardly be further from the iPhone 5C, with Apple tipped to introduce a titanium chassis. Titanium costs $35-50 per kilogram, making it approximately 30x more expensive than stainless steel, which is used in the iPhone 14 Pro.
The curved edges on an Apple iPhone 15 Ultra based on recent leaks
In return for that outlay, titanium is 3-4x stronger than stainless steel, and it can match the durability of stainless steel at just 40% of its weight. This would allow the iPhone 15 Ultra to be significantly lighter than the Pro Max models it is expected to replace and just as strong.
The renders also show how leaked dual front cameras would enlarge the Dynamic Island. If true, this may prove a polarizing change. Dual cameras would improve portrait mode through increased depth perception. On the flip side, it would eat up precious screen real estate with battery, cellular signal and time icons already squeezed into small spaces on the current phones.
iPhone 15 Ultra dual front cameras render based on leaks
Lastly, the shift to USB-C — while long-awaited — doesn’t make a great deal of difference to the overall look of the phone, though it is slightly larger than the Lightning connector, which results in a marginally wider port.
What the renders don’t show is the potential shift to an upgraded primary camera sensor, and the transition from physical to taptic volume and power buttons. Though these changes are unlikely to make a significant difference to the design.
The downside to all these improvements is pricing. Rising component costs mean consecutive generational price hikes is a real possibility for the first time in iPhone history. The US and China were the only countries to be spared these increases for iPhone 14 models, but expect no exceptions when the iPhone 15 lineup launches next year.
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