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2022 GMC Hummer EV Weight, Range and Battery Size Revealed – Edmunds.com

The CrabWalking, six-figure Hummer EV pickup is leading the way for GMC’s charge into an electrified future. So far, GMC has been silent on its massive pickup’s range, capacity and weight. However, a recently surfaced EPA filing — first reported on by Car and Driver — sheds light on these specs.
Here’s everything we know.
When GMC announced the Hummer EV more than a year ago, it led with impressive stats: 1,000 horsepower and more than 350 miles of range. GM has since hedged the range figure, with a slightly lower figure of 329 miles after submitting testing data to the EPA. That data also notes the usable capacity of the Ultium battery is right around 210 kWh, which is far larger than any other pack we’ve seen so far.
Given the immense capacity of the battery pack, why is the Hummer EV’s range — and the 47 mpg-e combined rating that C&D calculated from the test results — relatively low? The answer is in the Hummer’s curb weight.
2022 GMC Hummer EV.
When we say the Hummer EV isn’t small, we mean it’s not only imposing in person, but it packs on the weight too. The Hummer EV tips the scales at 9,063 pounds, according to the test data, and the battery pack is a significant contributor. The Ultium battery pack weighs 2,923 pounds, meaning that the battery pack alone outweighs GM’s lightest car, the Chevrolet Spark. That curb weight makes the Hummer EV the heaviest vehicle GM sells, by far. Even a GMC Sierra 3500 Denali in its porkiest configuration weighs about 700 pounds lighter.
However, we do have to admit that the roughly 210 kWh of capacity is hugely impressive and leapfrogs the competition by a sizable margin. Dare we say the Hummer is the king of the Kilowatt-Hour Wars? For reference, a Rivian R1T with the current large battery pack offers 135 kWh of capacity (with a 180-kWh pack due next year), and the Ford F-150 Lightning with the extended-range battery is right behind it with 131 kWh. Those two trucks, however, are significantly lighter than the Hummer EV, and that has real-world effects. The Rivian, for instance, posts similar EPA range estimates to the Hummer EV — despite the R1T’s smaller pack — because it weighs a full ton less.
Though it’s now driven by electrons, the Hummer EV pays homage to the original by being big, brash and highly inefficient.
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