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The latest Mac mini may be small, but it is not as small as it could be. Like the MacBook Pro 13, the Mac mini relies on the chassis from the older Intel model, which contains a 150 W power supply and an active cooling solution. However, Apple has already demonstrated that the Apple M1 can operate fanless within a 5.9 mm-thick iPad Pro. Also, the Apple M1 runs without a problem in the latest MacBook Air, which is also fanless.
While Apple is rumoured to be launching a revised Mac mini this year, Snazzy Labs has shown how small the Apple M1-powered version could be. As the embedded video below shows, Snazzy Labs removed the built-in power supply and replaced it with a 65 W Microsoft Surface power adapter that terminates at a MagSafe 2 connector.
For reference, an Apple M1-powered Mac mini can draw up to 67.5 W while using Bluetooth, Thunderbolt, USB Type-A and Wi-Fi. In comparison, the Apple M1 itself peaks at approximately 31 W. Snazzy Labs also did away with the fan, although it added some circuitry to allow the Mac mini to receive 12 V from the MagSafe 2 connector.
Additionally, Snazzy Labs resorted to Masked Stereolithography Apparatus (MSLA) to print the case, rather than the more conventional Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). Conversely, it used a regular FFF 3D printer for the internal supports to avoid glueing the Mac mini’s Logic Board into the MSLA-printed chassis.
Overall, Snazzy Labs claims that its design reduces the Mac mini’s footprint by nearly two-thirds without compromising any performance. If you are interested in miniaturising a Mac mini yourself, Snazzy Labs has published a build guide through Prusa Printers. It has also provided all the necessary print and model STL files, along with assembly instructions.
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Snazzy Labs & Prusa Printers, Teddy GR – Image credit
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