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Sales Report: GM Sold 99 Hummer EV Pickup Trucks in Q1 2022 – The Fast Lane

GMC sold 99 Hummer trucks this year.
GM reports Q1 2022 sales and here is the latest about the new 2022 GMC Hummer EV pickup truck. General Motors says that the company sold 99 new Hummer trucks over the first three months of the year. All of these are fully-optioned Edition 1 models with a starting price of over $112,000. This is an MSRP, but some new Hummer pickup trucks are being listed at upwards of $340,000 after markups.
The new GMC Hummer EV truck is built at GM’s Michigan facility. It’s a truck with three electric motors, 1,000 horsepower, height-adjustable suspension, 16 inches of maximum ground clearance, four-wheel steering, and removable roof panels. Most Hummer EV specifications are bonkers, including its 9,000+ lbs curb weight.
Here are the number from General Motors.
We hope that GMC is able to increase production numbers so that all Edition 1 (and other models) reservation holders are able to receive their new trucks.


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